Ludo Game:- Two Best Ludo Apps which You will Like to Play

In this Article we will discuss about Two Best Ludo Apps which you Will Like To Play. One is Best For Good Graphics and Text Chat and 2nd is Best for Voice chat during Game Play.

In this covid- 19 Lockdown Period. No, One is allowed to go out of house without a particular Reason. Mostly all shops, job companies, even Schools are Closed. Only Essential Shops are Oven like Grocery Shops, Dairy Shops and Vegetable Shop etc. For short period of time like 8 AM to 12 PM. Everyone is asked to follow Social Distancing Guidelines when you out of The House to buy Essentials.

So, Most of Us are Free at Home. We don’t have any work. So, To do timepass, Some of you are watching Movies on TV, Some of you busy in social media and Some of you are playing indoor games like Ludo.

What is Ludo?:-

Ludo is a fun, family-friendly board game for 2 to 4 People. In, which the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to the rolls of a single die. This game has its roots in an Indian game called Pachisi. This game is Played All Over The World. And There is no age limit. Every Children, Younger and even Older Age People love to play LUDO Game.

Want to Play Ludo with Your Best Friends. Because, You all know Ludo is very enjoyable game specially with you play it with your family, College Friends, School Friends etc.

What if I say Now, You can Play Game like Ludo with your Best Friends Online? Even, You can Chat with Them Either by Text or Voice Chat. Voice Chat really makes the game More Enjoyable

So, Without Wasting Time. Let me Tell You There are Two Best Ludo Apps which I Really Liked:-

1. Ludo King:- Famous for its High Quality Graphics, Nice Emonji’s, Text Chat, Themes Etc.

2. Ludo Talant:- Low Quantity Graphics. Famous for its Voice Chat Feature while Playing the Game.

Ludo King:-

You can play Ludo King game against your friends, challenge people on Facebook, and play online against players from all around the world. In addition, the game also works in offline mode. It comes with a Computer and a Play & Pass mode which lets you play the game locally by passing around your device. Ludo King allows up to Four players to get in on a Ludo King game.

Ludo King has currently become the king of our hearts and phone

This Game Comes with good Graphics with Text Chat and Nice Live Emonji’s Feature. Which Makes the Game Totally Enjoyable.

Ludo Talent:- 

Ludo Talent is a classic ludo game for free. you.In, which can play ludo online to meet new people or between local friends and family. This is a low Graphics Game. But, Best part to love this Game is Its Emonji and It’s VOICE Chat feature. Voice Chat Feature:- Makes it superb. You can talk to your friends like playing. Like, You all are setting Together and Playing.

How To Download Ludo King or Ludo Talent Game?

1. Click Here to Download Ludo King

OR Click Here to Download Ludo Talent

2.  Click on “Install”

That’s It!! Ludo Has Been Installed Successfully

How To Play with your Friends Online?:-

1. Open Ludo King or Ludo Talent which you want to play

2. Click on “Play with Friends”

3. Select your Token Color and Decide “Entry Coin” like 100 Coin to Join.

5. Now Click on “Create Room”

6. Now, It will show “Room Code” to Join. Share the Room Code to your Friend via Whatsapp, Facebook etc.

7. He will get Ludo App Download Link and Room Code to join

  • If he/she already Installed Ludo. Then, He/She can Directly Join

8. Now, Your Friend will Open Game and Click on Play with Friends

9. Click on Join Group and  will Enter “Room Code” which you have sent to Him.

10. Now, Play The Game and Enjoy😊

  • Follow Step 8 and 9. If you also wants to join any Group

Hope, You liked this Two Best Ludo Apps Post.

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