Status Saver:- Best App to Download WhatsApp Status Videos

Want to Download Whatsapp Status Videos?? Now, You are at the Right Place. Today, In this article we are going to Tell You about an App with the help of which You can download all WhatsApp Status Photos and Videos directly in your Smartphone. So, that you can watch it later. You can also share it to your Other Whatsapp Friends and Other Social Media Apps like Facebook, Instagram etc. Even, You can use that Status Video in your own Whatsapp Status. Is it not Amazing?

Previously, If you liked Anyone Status. You want to download that. But, you are unable to download it directly:- As Whatsapp does not have any option to download. Then, You have to Ask the People who shared his/her status. That, Please Send the video in the Inbox. Sometimes, He/She will send it. May be He/She will not sent it. Because, It’s their Choice To Send It or Not.

To, Solve This Problem, We found an App called “Status Saver for Whatsapp” from which You can Download All Whatsapp Status Images and Videos in your smartphone Easily and Conveniently. It’s Really a very Easy Process.

If You liked Anyone Status. Please Download it Same Day. Because, Status will be disappeared automatically in 24 Hours.

What is WhatsApp?:-

WhatsApp allows users to send text messages and voice messages,make voice and video calls, and share images, documents, user locations, and other media. Basically, Whatsapp is owned by Facebook. It uses Mobile Data or Wifi Connection to send and Receive Messages. It is an app Free to download in Android and iOS Smartphone.

Previously, People uses default Text Messaging to send and Receive Messages. where you can send only Texts. You can not send Photos, Videos. WhatsApp makes it possible to send everything like Pics, Videos Documents etc.

What is WhatsApp Status?:-

WhatsApp Status is a status update that disappears automatically after 24 hours of uploading it. You can share photos, videos, text, links etc.. By default, WhatsApp Status is only activated between two users who have saved each other’s contact details saved in their address book.

You can also choose “Selected Contact” to show the status from Status Privacy settings.

Now, A days people’s upload the status to describe their own Feelings. So, that other know what they feel. For example:- If they are in sad mood. They will upload some sad videos. May be a Sad Song, a Sad Quote etc.

Same as If they are happy, They will update any Happy Quote Video. If they get motivated or want to get Motivated. Then, User will upload Motivational Video.

By, Seeing all video, photos status. You may also like any of that video. And You will like to share it. Then, Simply Download it with “Status Saver” App. To, Know the procedure of downloading the status images or videos. Follow Steps Provided Below:-

How To Download and Use “Status Saver” App for Whatsapp?:-

1. Download STATUS SAVER App From Here

2. After Downloading Open It.

3. You will See Today Photos and Videos available in your Status

4. Choose any of them “You wish to Download”

5. Click on the “Top Right Side Download Icon”

Status Saver Download Button

6. That’s It!! Your Status Images and Videos has been Downloaded Successfully.

  • You can see in Saved Option of App as well as in your Gallery.

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