VapourHost:- Buy Web Hosting at Cheap Price

Today, we will tell you How can you buy Web Hosting at Cheap Price. Starting at just RS.60 Per Month From VapourHost

As we told earlier:- To start a New Website. We need both a Domain and a Web Hosting. We have discussed about Domain in our previous article. Today, We will be going to discuss about hosting.

Are you a beginner like me and thinking of starting your own new website. Hence, Want to buy a cheap hosting plan? Because, Everyone does not want to spend much money in startup. As you don’t know You will get achievement or not. So, In starting I would also recommend to start with Basic Hosting Plans. If your website start ranking good. Then, you can go for Premium Hosting Plans.

If you are searching a good website which provides a quality hosting in Cheap Price. Then, You are at a Right Place. Today, We will tell you about Vapour Host Web Hosting. Starting at just RS.60 Per Month.The big advantage is that you can pay monthly, quarterly, semi annual, Annual accordingly which suits to you. We tried this hosting previously. It’s a high quality hosting with good speed. We didn’t get any problem while using it.

I really prefer VapourHost for all beginner and for those who wants to host their websites at very cheap price. Also, they have 30 days Refund Policy. It you don’t like the hosting:- You can ask for Refund within 30 days.

What you will Get in Rs.60 Plan?:-

It comes with cpanel access.

  • 5 GB SSD Space
  • 50 GB Bandwidth
  • One Website
  • Premium Support
  • Automated Backups
    + Other Perks
What is Web Hosting?:-

Web hosting is that place where all the data and files of your website is stored. The totally websites running on the internet world needs Web Hosting. Web hosting companies is specialized in storing and serving websites. These hosting companies basically handles server maintenance work, such as backup, root configuration, maintenance, disaster recoveries, and so on. They offer different types of hosting plans to their customers. From Starter to Premium. There are much differences including storage capacity, control, technical knowledge requirement, server speed, and reliability. Speed Of Website also depends on type of Hosting.

There are Two Types Of Hosting :- One is Free Hosting and Other is Paid Hosting.

Free Hosting:- I will not recommend you to use free hosting. Because, Free Hosting is very very slow. Also, everytime your website gets crashed. There is no customer care support as well. So, Don’t go for free hosting.

Paid Hosting:- It is that hosting for which you are paying some money for using their services. Paid Hosting provider also have customer support. So, you does not get any problem. If by chance got you can contact them. Also speed is far far better of paid Hosting as compared to free hosting.

Once you have purchased Hosting and registered your Domain Name. Then, you can start building your website.

What is VapourHost?:-

VapourHost is a Web hosting service provider. It was founded as a shared hosting provider but it’s growing to be much more of it. VapourHost has a vision of providing easiest way for small business owners, bloggers and marketers to host website without needing much knowledge.

VapourHost has SSD Powered Storage:- SSD is new and faster technology that can help you achieve fast loading speed! It provides 3x faster access to files and database.

How to Buy Web Hosting Starting at just RS.60 Per Month From VapourHost?:-


2. Click on “VIEW PLANS”

3. You will see “Professional Plan” Starting at Rs.60 per month. Click on “Dig in”

4. Then, It will show “PRO PLAN 1” Starting Rs.60 Per Month. Click on “GET STARTED”

Pro Plans

5. Now, Enter Domain Name for which you wants to Purchase Hosting and Then, Click on “USE”

Enter Domain Name

6. Now, It will show your Plan Details and You can choose your “Bill Cycle”  like you wants to pay monthly, quarterly, semi- yearly, Yearly etc. (Choose according to your payable preference)

7. Click on Continue and Then, Click on Checkout

8. Now, Fill Regular Details like Your Name, Address, Phone No., Email I’d and Password.

9. Pay with Suitable Payment Method like Credit Card , Debit Card, Paytm Wallet or Paypal.

10. That’s It!! Your Payment has Been Made Successfully and Your Hosting has Been Purchased.

  • You will get Email Confirmation Shortly.

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